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Should Kevin Hart host the Oscars?


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Jan 9, 2019
Categories: Entertainment

Should Kevin Hart host the Oscars?


Comedian Kevin Hart, who was selected to host the Oscars, announced on December 6th that he was stepping away from the role. This move came after public backlash against him due to old homophobic tweets of his, some of which included the use of a slur. One example is the following tweet from 2011: "Yo if my son comes home & try's 2 play with my daughters doll house I'm going 2 break it over his head & say n my voice 'stop that's gay'". 

After the tweets resurfaced but before stepping down, Hart posted a video of himself on instagram with a long caption in which he responded to the criticism, saying " Stop looking for reasons to be negative...Stop searching for reasons to be angry." He did not apologize for his tweets. Later the same day, Hart posted another video to instagram, in which he said that the Academy had given him an ultimatim to apologize or he would not be able to host, and he said he chose not to host because he thought he had already addressed the issue enough. However, he later tweeted: "I have made the choice to step down from hosting this year's Oscar's....this is because I do not want to be a distraction on a night that should be celebrated by so many amazing talented artists. I sincerely apologize to the LGBTQ community for my insensitive words from my past."

Since then, Hart appeared on the talk show Ellen, where she asked him to speak about the situation and even called the Academy to put in a good word for him. She also tweeted "I believe in forgiveness. I believe in second chances. And I believe in @KevinHart4real." Ellen has since been criticized for being too soft on him and not challenging or really engaging with him. Others have criticized her for speaking for a group she does not represent, because they believe that his comments mostly were directed at and affected gay black men. Additionally, Hart was criticized for continuing to blame his "haters" for overreacting rather than issuing any sort of real apology while on the show. He has since made a more in depth apology on a radio show. 

What do you think? Should Hart have apologized and kept the role all along? Should he be reinstated as host after recent apologies? Do you believe his apologies are sincere?


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