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Should MMA Star Face Consequences for Taunting?


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Aug 8, 2018

Should MMA Star Face Consequences for Taunting?

The world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) have a strong following and engaged audiences.  The fighters themselves are often seen similarly to royalty and receive a tremendous amount of money for their performance and works.  Recently, a famous UFC fighter, Khabib Nurmagomedov, posted (and then deleted) a controversial video.  This video showed him and his cousin, Abubakar Nurmagomedov, “offering homeless men money to do pushups on the street while the two of them laughed.”  They would offer the man money while he did pushups and then pull it back quickly and make him do more.  Although deleted, many saw this video and were disgusted by his actions.

Many MMA platforms/fighters and social media pages utilized Twitter to show their disapproval of Nurmagomedov’s actions.  The MMA Bible (@TheMMABible) tweeted, “What are your thoughts on this video posted by Khabib of him and his cousin paying homeless people to do press ups for money…Personally we feel it’s disgusting and degrading…Especially them constantly laughing at those involved…”  Cindy Dandois (@DandoisCindy) responded with “It pains my heart to see a man who talks about God all the time, act like this!”  Similarly, Jack Hermansson (@jackthejokermma) called out Nurmagomedov for his actions: “Disgusting behavior. People may think this is harmless but this is taking away the dignety (sic) from a person that is in a struggle and you laugh about it.  He see (sic) people doing pushups everyday without laughing. But he thinks it is funny because there is a poor homeless man?!?!”  Therefore, there was an obvious backlash from the MMA community and his fellow fighters.

Nurmagomedov will be fighting Conor McGregor on October 6 in Las Vegas.  This fight holds a substantial amount of prestige, with some even saying it could be the “biggest (fight) in the sport.”  ESPN reporter, Ariel Helwani, points out that McGregor has also faced problems with the law which just elevates the upcoming fight.   She claims it makes it “team vs. team…Authentic.”  Although it may authenticate the fight for some, others feel as if his actions were solely harmful and give him a negative portrayal.


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