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Should Public Funding for Universities Increase?


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Aug 10, 2018

Should Public Funding for Universities Increase?

Public funding for public colleges and universities is down by about 9 billion (2017) from 2008 levels and that is after adjusting for inflation. Some researchers believe that this is a major cause of the quickly increasing cost of attending a college or university and the need for many students to go into deep debt in order to make a college education happen for themselves. Around 2008, state funding decreased sharply as a result of the recession, but it seems that the funding numbers never recovered afterwards. Can the government afford to increase funding for public education? Another study found that tuition has increased across the country by about $2,484 (about 35% increase) since 2008 and the current system seems unsustainable with the high rates of debt students often finsh their education with. 


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