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Should Snow Days Be Replaced by Online Classes?


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Aug 4, 2018
Categories: Education

Should Snow Days Be Replaced by Online Classes?


The Anderson School District in Anderson, South Carolina is implementing a new e-learning program to take place on snow or other inclement weather days. The program is intended to be completed on Chromebooks (already provided to students by the school) by students who still have internet access, thereby replacing makeup days (extra school days taken from holidays or summer vacation later on). Those who do not have internet access at the time will have 5 days to makeup the work. The Anderson School District is the first in the State to adopt this new policy. 

According to school officials, the policy has been recieved fairly well by students, parents, and faculty in the district. However, there has been some online backlash against the new policy, and the story has gone somewhat viral. Many are complaining that snow days should be for sleeping in, sledding, and building snowmen. Some claim that the policy negatively affects students who do not have regular internet access or whose internet access is affected by inclement weather. School district officials have clarified that the district does not regularly have snow days, and pointed out that last year, the district took 4 days off for inclement weather, none of which were for snow.

I personally don't think it should change as the complaints are all coming from strangers on the internet rather than actual students or parents, but I would also rather have a snow day and a makeup day then attend online class. 

Would you rather have a snow day and then a makeup day later, or would you rather complete online courses on a snow day? Do you think the policy should be changed or left alone? 


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