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Should the U.S Switch to Single-Payer Healthcare?


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Jun 26, 2018

Should the U.S Switch to Single-Payer Healthcare?

 Millions of American citizens are living without health insurance and many cite high rates as a reason why they can't get insured. Rising drug prices and competition between companies can hike up the costs to the point where it become unnaffordable for some people. As many as 22 million people are currently uninsured and even Republicans are starting to toss around ideas about methods to get more people covered in insurance plans. A single-payer plan, largely supported by Democrats, proposes that single-payer could drive drug prices down by having a single payer who can negotiate prices more effectively, cut down overhead costs by not needing to spend money on marketing and other overhead expenses, as well as clean up the process and save time and money in the meantime. Single-Payer would offer a baseline of coverage provided through the government and in most plans there would be room for private inusrance companies to offer other types of insurance and coverage for services that the government doesn't cover. But, in theory, everyone would have basic insurance and could access the healthcare infrastructure that they need to stay healthy. What do you think? Would this be an effective solution to the issues facing millions of uninsured people in America? This site had some great graphics and helped me understand the concept more:  


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