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Should You Fight A Bully?


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May 31, 2017
Categories: Education, News, Society

Should You Fight A Bully?

I just got done reading an article telling a story of a young man, Greg, who was getting bullied in high school that decided to fight back. He describes himself as the laid back type that was getting tormented by two other boys leading to sleepless nights and constant fear of school. He confides in his family and his uncle tells him to punch the bigger of the two bullies in the nose the next day. So, Greg does exactly that and never gets bullied again.

Personally, I think this is a bad lesson to teach kids today. Greg’s incident happened in 1979, and he’s lucky it did. Today kids are very different. They carry weapons and aren’t afraid to use them. Kids who fight back could end up seriously hurt of even killed. Also, a lot of bullying done today is cyberbullying. Is it right to answer name calling over the internet with violence? I would say no,.violence should always be the last resort.


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