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Store introduces quiet hour for autistic shoppers


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Jul 20, 2018
Categories: Health, Society, Business

Store introduces quiet hour for autistic shoppers


UK Supermarket chain Morrison's recently introduced a weekly "quiet hour," from 9-10am, during which the stores will dim lights, turn music off, and turn off additional noise such as check-out beeps. Although other stores in the UK have implemented similar policies on a store-to-store basis, Morrisons is the first to implement the change on a national level. The quiet hour was first implemented in a Morrisons in 2016, and has since been tested and found to have good results. Charlotte King, mother of a son with autism, called the initiative "amazing" and claimed that it made it "far less stressful" for adults with autism and parents of children with autism to go shopping. Others have called the quiet hour "commendable," but have said it is not sufficient. Tabitha Campbell Beattie, mother of a son on the autism spectrum, is quoted as saying "if a supermarket has a quieter hour, that doesn't stop the supermarket being busy with long queues which can be an added stress." She added that she would like to see "a time zone where disabled children, young adults and so on - not just with autism but other disabilities - should be allowed to shop without the normal public in the shops." Many have also suggested that other retailers join the effort to better accommoate those with autism. 

What do you think? Is this a good faith effort, or not enough accomodation? Should/could something similar be implemented in US stores? 


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