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The War on Drugs


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May 25, 2018
Categories: Health, Society

The War on Drugs

The phrase "War on Drugs" orgininated with Richard Nixon's policies intended to curb illegal drug use, drug production, and drug distribution. In practice, this has involved operations in foreign countries such as Colombia and Honduras as well as high arrest rates and heavy punishments within the United States. The US spends an estimated 51 billion dollars on the War on Drugs annually, yet illegal drugs continue to be increasingly prevalent and higher quality within our borders. Additionally, the incarceration policies have come under fire for their disproportionate targeting of black Americans.

I think that the War on Drugs has been, overall, a failure. I also question the US Government's motives regarding some of its foreign operations. I don't support full decriminalization, but I support lowering punishments for local pot dealers and those who are lower in the "ranks" so to speak within larger illegal drug operations, particularly for minors. I'm also in favor of harm reduction measures, such as drug amnesty laws when medical help is sought, such as when someone is at risk of overdosing. In all, I support scaling back the War on Drugs and taking a critical look at the United States' current policies, but without implementing full legalization. 






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