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Toxic Masculinity? I like strong independent men..


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Jan 16, 2019

Toxic Masculinity? I like strong independent men..

Toxic Masculinity is the latest in a recent string of catchphrases we're supposed to get worked up about and socially rally around to fix immediately without thought or debate.  Like Tony Soprano said, what happened to the strong silent type like Gary Cooper?  I like strong & independent men.  Men who can fix things, know how to throw a punch when it comes to defending themselves or their family, isn't afraid to tell a dirty joke, isn't afraid to ask for a guys weekend when he needs to escape and drink and make a fire.  And yes, a man who enjoys hunting and owns guns.  This doesn't mean he hits women, or is a bully, or a racist or anything else of the sort - but he's allowed to be a flannel wearing, beer drinking, greasy fingernailed man without being accused of being an asshole.  I'm getting tired of the media needing to put everyone in corners - if you wear an Amercian flag on your hat and boots on your feet you're expressing toxic masculinity and are probably a racist, if you voted for Trump then you're a racist, if you're white and live in the South you're an asshole racist, if you watch the Oscars and voted for Hillary you're a snowflake, etc. and etc... I'm getting really tired of all the name calling and labeling accross the board.  Change my mind... 


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