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Trump-Putin Summit


In Agreement

In Disagreement

Jul 17, 2018

Trump-Putin Summit


In a joint news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, American President Donald Trump made a series of controversial comments. He denied that Russia had interfered in the 2016 Presidential Election and instead blamed the Mueller inquiry for tension between the countries. He also brought up Hillary Clinton's emails and cast doubt on the U.S. intelligence community. In general, Putin and Trump appeared to agree on every question that was asked. The conversation was very friendly, which was striking in comparison to Trump's recent attitute towards NATO allies, as well as the indictment of several apparent Russian spies in the U.S. recently.

There has been backlash against Trump's actions within his own party as well as the Democratic party, although some still support him and claim that better relations with Russia are important. Critics say that he seems to be bending to Russia's will, ignoring important issues such as the Russia's involvement in Ukraine, Russian cyberattacks, and alleged human rights violations within Russia. Some have even called it the "Treason Summit."

I personally think calling it treason goes too far, but I think failing to address the issues I listed is a huge mistake on Trump's part, and works highly in Putin's favor. He is sending Putin and other Russian officials that there will be no consequences for their actions from the United States. I do think that good relationships with other countries whenever possible is a good thing, but not if we have to ignore the actions of said countries. Aligning with Russia and turning our backs on our NATO Allies makes no sense. 

What do you think? Is Trump acting in America's best interests? 


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