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Trump Remorse?


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Apr 4, 2018

Trump Remorse?

Donald Trump had me at the escalator ride. I loved his confidence, his dogged determination, and his willingness to leave his lofty perch of wealth and fame to become the “whipper-boy” of the American Left and the oligarchs of both political parties in D.C., because he KNEW he could do it better…AND dared to say so. I still do. No one, in my mind, was better suited to take a wrecking-ball to our corrupt government system than a man who built his wealth and found his fame tearing down rot and rebuilding glory in its place. And, let’s face it, D.C. has plenty of rot.

I’m a Reagan conservative…so my support of Trump came somewhat of a surprise to me. I didn’t really see Trump as a conservative but I liked his willingness to speak his mind, speak plainly, and call-out the career politicians who claim they have the “fix” for what ails America, when it is them who created the problem. For sure the Trump Presidency has been particularly aggravating to the national GOP party apparatchik–the Mitch McConnell’s, Paul Ryan’s, and John McCain’s–who many believe, myself included, really needed to be kicked in the seat of the pants. Rank and file GOPers had had enough of their double-speak, myself included. Time for some straight talk and action.


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