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U.S. recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Golan


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Jun 9, 2018

U.S. recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Golan

I've posted a debate on this subject before, but without a clear statement. Based on what I've read on the topic so far, I'd say this:

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to convince Trump to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights. An acknowledgement that has never even been considered by previous American administrations, or the international community.

In the past Israel has claimed willing to consider returning the Golan to Syria in order to establish peace with its Arab neighbour. In more recent years Israel has argued that there’s nowhere to return the area to. The continuing civil war in Syria and Iran’s presence backing Damascus are reasons to extend Israel’s current strategy.

Justified is Israel’s fear of the area, on return to Syria, falling under the control of ISIS, who until recently controlled large parts of Syria or ending up in the hands of Hezbollah. Even without these risks, returning the Golan Heights to a violent regime of a war-torn country is less than reasonable. Thinking that the only logical next step would be American recognition of Israeli’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights is, however, blunt and improvident.

The issue is of great importance to Israel, since American recognition would put extra pressure on Iran, who’s involved in the Syrian civil war and known as Israel’s arch-enemy. Iran doesn’t want to be in a war with a country that’s backed by the U.S., however, it is unclear if Trump would unequivocally support Israel is any escalation between the two countries. American recognition would therefore put pressure on Iran, but it could just as well result in further aggression, not to mention compromise any future peace arrangement there could have been between Syria and Israel with either Assad or a post-Assad government.

Another risk Israel takes with this proposal is assuming America will continuously back Israel in any decision. Judging from the past, the U.S. doesn’t tend to disagree with Israel’s strategies, but if the violence at the Gaza border continues, international criticism will rise and there will be a limit on American support for Israel.

Israel got lucky when it didn’t lose the Golan Heights in the peace talks of the 1990’s. Had that happened, ISIS, Hezbollah or even Iran could’ve used the area to attack Israel, but if Israel pursues this issue recklessly and pushes the American government into making a rash decision, the country might be off worse.

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