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Was Brexit a Mistake?


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Jun 3, 2018

Was Brexit a Mistake?

On June 23rd, 2016, the UK voted to leave the European Union in the next 2 years. The vote itself triggered a lot of controversy, and the results brought into question both sides' campaign strategies, as well as British voter engagement. A major economic shock and trade slowdown was predicted across the world.

Although the market certainly reacted to Brexit, former Prime Minister David Cameron stated that Brexit was a "mistake, not a disaster," and it "turned out less badly than we thought," but added that "it's still going to be difficult." In part, some of the economic shock factor was avoided by delaying the activation of the Article 50 exit clause until March 2017, when the original plan had been to activate it immediately. In general, however, the global recovery has still been faster than expected, and so far, pre-referendum forecasts have been proven mostly wrong. 

In all, do you think Brexit was a mistake? A disaster? A good thing? Is it still too early to tell? 



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