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What Makes a Strong Organization?


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Jun 30, 2018
Categories: Health, Business

What Makes a Strong Organization?

Employees are not meant to cater to the boss's every whim, or are they? Perhaps they are key pieces of a larger puzzle, each with his own unique contribution to make. President Ronald Reagan made a commitment to his people—to value their input and make it part of his overall vision. Good leaders share the same basic assumptions about people, their motivations, and their abilities and good leadership begins from the premise that people want to perform their jobs well and then seeks to build upon that premise. People do not need distrustful oversight to be motivated to perform well and such leadership only breeds destructive adversarial leader/follower relationships. How can leaders develop positive relationships with followers, relationships that enhance—rather than hinder—organizational performance? What motivates you? And what do you seek in leadership?


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