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Will A Smart Gun Ever Take Off?


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Jul 18, 2019
Categories: News, Technology

Will A Smart Gun Ever Take Off?

New Jersey just came out with a bill that says you can only have a Smart Gun in the state. Is this a smart idea? Will it actually help prevent crimes? You can't even buy a Smart Gun in the USA yet. Smart guns are a type of weapon that use various types of personal communications, i.e. a tiny radio signal embedded in a ring or watch, or a fingerprint sensor. It sounds like a good idea, but trouble is, they're far from being a proper product with no kinks. They are easily hackable, picky, and far from being massed produced. New Jersey's new law does nothing but restrict the ownership of guns, at least until the Smart Guns become readily availible in the US. What do you guys think of Smart Guns, and New Jersys' new bill? 


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