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World Cup Predictions


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Jul 5, 2018
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World Cup Predictions

Now for a more lighthearted debate... unless you are a hardcore fan of a team! Who do you all think is going to win the World Cup? The remaining games are France v. Uruguay, Brazil v. Belgium, Russia v. Croatia, and Sweden v. England. The winners of the first two games will play each other in the semi-finals, and the same with the latter two teams. I think France will top Uruguay, even though I think Uruguay is a good team. I also think that Brazil will move on over Belgium. Croatia should destroy Russia barring a terrible game for them, and finally I'm picking England over Sweden. In the next round, I pick Brazil over France and England over Croatia, with the final being Brazil v. England with Brazil taking it all. My picks aren't very creative, and considering the upsets that have occurred during this World Cup so far, it seems that anything could happen. Let me know below what you think!


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