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How it Works:

1. Create an Account

If you have an invitation code enter it using the "sign-up" link.  If you don't have an invite code you can request one on the "sign-up" link. Once you've created your account you will have your own unique invite code in the "account settings" link that you can share with other intelligent & thoughtful debaters.

2. Create a Profile

After you've created an account be sure to upload a profile photo and bio - all of your debates will appear on your profile page ex.


3. Creating a Debate

When creating a debate be sure to upload an appropriate header photo that speaks to your debate topic and choose your debate categories.  After your debate is posted be sure to share it on social media to attract discussion.

4. Earning Badges

Badges are granted based on earned activity levels and will appear next to your name. 

5. Squads

Users can create or join squads - squads are designed to bring users together based on shared interests or topics.  The squads you create or join will appear next to your username and squad members will be notified of new squad activity.

6. RiotRoom

RiotRoom is the quick-hit area of the platform where you can share ideas, thoughts, or questions in short form for the community whereas RiotHouse is for longer-form posts.

7. Promote, Promote, & Promote!

After you've created a debate or comment it's important to share your debate on your social media platforms to encourage your followers to participate and expand the discussion...